Moviehouse NOLA is a multimedia museum-quality exhibition opening
November 8 and running through February 9 in downtown New Orleans.

The pop-up exhibition, geared towards anyone who loves the movies,
tells the stories of the forgotten movie palaces that once made New Orleans
the “Broadway of the South.” Moviehouse NOLA will present historical
renderings, artifacts, signage, and ephemera, alongside contemporary art,
to explore the impact these spaces had and continue to have on New Orleans’
cultural landscape. Utilizing new exhibition methods and technology,
Moviehouse NOLA invites viewers to interact with the exhibit through hands-on
displays and immersive oral history collections.

Featuring artwork by Kathy Anderson, Trey Burns, Court 13, Michael Deas,
Dave Greber, Charlotte Hornsby, Matt Lambros, Alli Miller, Frank Relle,
Alex Ross, Nina Schwanse, and Ryn Wilson.


A theater for every neighborhood

In decades past, a movie theater existed in every neighborhood,
serving as a meeting place and entertainment center.

The map below shows just some of the many theaters that once thrived in New Orleans.
At one point, over 80 theaters were operating at the same time.
This map doesn’t represent the full extent of movie theater offerings.


Tell Your Movie Theater Story

Why do we enjoy going to the movies so much?

Share your favorite experiences using the video booth app below.

We’d love to hear from you. Here are some prompts to get you started:

Share a movie theater “first”: date, kiss, act of mischief, or other story that represents a special first…

What’s your most unique movie viewing experience?

You wake up tomorrow the owner of a movie theater, what is it like?

What does a local theater offer to you and your neighbors?

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Visit Us

The exhibition is open Wednesday through Sunday, 12—5pm. 

Holiday schedule: We will be closed December 25–28 and January 1.

The exhibition runs November 9—February 8, 2014. 
For event updates, click here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Kids-specfic events

Moviehouse NOLA will offer ongoing programming from Nov 8th–Feb 9TH for children of all ages. Exhibition tours for children and teenagers, workshops and film screenings are vital to bring alive the history and future of our amazing spaces.

We aim to get young New Orleanians excited about the experiences that they have “in the movies” and encourage an understanding of what role the movies and the film industry plays in our lives today. Our open events for kids are predominantly scheduled on the weekends and in after-school hours.

The exhibition invites teachers and schools to reach out for tours and class-specific events. We would love to work with you to create an experience for your students that enhance your curriculum. Tours and special class events are available during school hours after the exhibition opens for the day.

Events for children and teens are highlighted underneath the event title, along with recommended ages, date, time and cost at the end of the description.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests about our events.

Good times for Adults

Think of Moviehouse NOLA as your new favorite museum-slash-social-club. 

Many adults have fond memories of going to the movies “way back when.” With our adult programming, we hope to share those memories and create new ones, with parties and themed film screening nights. But we don’t just dwell on the past. We will think about progress with events that discuss the future, ranging from film industry networking, lectures about historical preservation and new use for old spaces, and the impact of the film industry on New Orleans.

Special tours are available for companies and larger groups. Tours and special events are available after the exhibition opens for the day and until closing. Events for general audiences are highlighted underneath the event title, along with date, time and cost at the end of the description. Events that are recommended specifically for adults only, are highlighted as adult. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests about our events.


Reception for P.3 READS


We’ll be hosting the reception for P.3 Reads, a conversation about Walker Percy’s “The Moviegoer” at New Orleans Public Library (neighbor to Moviehouse NOLA)


Conversation: New Orleans Public Library, 219 Loyola Avenue
Reception: Moviehouse NOLA, 212 Loyola Avenue
Hosted by William A. Fagaly (Françoise Billion Richardson Curator of African Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art) with panelists Charles Brown (City Librarian/Executive Director, New Orleans Public Library) & Mary McCay (Executive Director, Walker Percy Center, Loyola University)

Walker Percy in front of the Pitt Theater.

Walker Percy in front of the Pitt Theater.

Burgundy Picture House Film Series


Burgundy Picture House takes up residence at Moviehouse NOLA! The series starts with a screening on Tuesday, January 14th at 8pm!
With a penchant for cult, B and old horror flicks you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be surprised as the only way to know the film is when they announce it the day of the screening! Keep up-to-date on Facebook for the big reveal.

Burgundy Picture House Film Screening
Tuesday, January 14th @ 8pm

Medium is the Message FOR KIDS


These days, there’s no age too young to become media literate. This workshop will inspire children to understand forms of media and what different types of media communicate, from television broadcast to documentaries to popular films. We’ll learn about these forms through hands-on activities and engaging conversation.

Ages 9–13, Date TBD, 1–4PM, $5

Worst Film Festival


Mardi Gras Massacre. Gator Bait. Enjoy a few of the worst films featuring New Orleans or Louisiana, whether in a fictional setting or real location. These films are so bad they are definitely good.

Date TBD, 1–9PM, $5

Feature Presentation: the future of movie-viewing


With the advent of streaming subscription services and new distribution models, the “movie-going” experience now includes staying home and enjoying a home on your own couch. But there’s more. What impact does our multiple viewing options on the way movies are produced and distributed? Kevin Spacey recently said that binge-watching Netflix television shows is akin to a serial movie experience. Video games are cast like movies, seen in recent releases like L.A. Noire and Beyond: Two Souls with Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page. Where are movies going next? Join us and our panel as we discuss.

Date TBD, 7–9PM, $5


We suggest a donation of $5 for each visitor. The donation goes towards paying our consultants who did research, designed graphics, curated the art and labored hours moving materials and making the exhibition.

The presenting organizations of Pelican Bomb and BRUNO spearheaded this project with good faith that visitors, tourists and natives alike, would support an interesting, fun, and inspiring exhibition. Please consider donating to Moviehouse NOLA even if you can’t come by! Your donation helps us support programming and keep the doors open.

For event updates, click here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media

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Supporters & Credits

This exhibition wouldn’t be possible without generous support from the following:


Rene Brunet, Ellen Johnson, and A.J. Roquevert

Without their objects and generosity, the exhibition would literally not be the same. Thank you.

Kickstarter supporters

Ben Smyth, Sha Hwang, Bob Snead, Sergio Padilla, Thien-Kieu Lam, Maria Senger, Paul Orselli, Ylva, Rhiannon Enlil, Rebecca Casbon, Randy Mack, Alda Ly, Tori, Aurash Khawarzad, Jacob Bayuk Gelles, Taylor Murrow, Ben Berman, Billy Brown, Ashley Brinkman, Adrienne, Jillian Dunham, Kyle June Williams, Lin Emery, Dana Boylan, Jamie Glavic, Beth McClendon, Carrie Knopf, Mary Clausner, Thomas Bruno, Rebecca Hasselle, Kat Kotlyar, Jay S Johnson, Sasha, Melanie Till, Christina Kwak, Francesco Vitelli, Peter Rad, Paul McConnell, Justin Kazmark, Jill Braxtan, Katie Moore, Dese’Rae L. Stage, Todd Shalom, Adam Mendola, Casey Moore, Suzanne, Cammie Hill-Prewitt, Emiliano Martin, Jeramy Zimmerman, Elizabeth Crockett Lionnet, Christin Roman, Jill Pernicano, Alex Hemard, Brenda Hanegan, Dana Embree, Kristen Brennan

Major supporters


What they’ve said:

“…so it’s almost a living collection (of stories about theaters)…”
— Bill Arceneaux, The Propaganda Film Report

WGNO News with a Twist TV Segment, aired 12/27/13, with Wild Bill Wood

What we’ve said:

“…what we’ve found is that the story of the theaters opens an interesting dialogue about HOW people used to go to the movies, and the purpose that these experiences had in shaping lives. We wanted to highlight the personal stories as well as encourage visitors to think about movie history in New Orleans and what they would like the spaces to be today…”

— Paul Orselli, Interview with POW! Paul Orselli Workshop


Christina Ferwerda

Della Hasselle

Cameron Shaw

Amanda Brinkman

Isabella Bruno

Caroline Tseng

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